Inward Investment in Portugal


Inward Investment in PortugalInfeira is a business consultancy based just south of Porto, and our philosophy is to forge deep relationships with our clients to help them confront the challenges they face and maximize their growth potential. In concrete terms this means dealing with day-to-day issues like training, grant applications, certification, tax issues, accountancy and so on for which we have various specialist consultants; however the key role that Infeira has to play however is in strategic consultancy, helping our clients to find a path to achieve their goals.

In recent years, Portuguese companies have increasingly focused on exports and in the 4 years to December 2013, Portuguese exports increased by 24% and exports now account for 41% of national output, up from 28% in 2008; this has meant a radical shift in business strategy and has made the economy much more outward facing. The less talked about shift in the economy is the number of foreign businesses that are investing in production facilities and administrative capacity in Portugal. Infeira has played a role in helping certain Portuguese companies to define and implement their export strategy and a relatively new area of business now is to assist overseas businesses that are considering an investment in Portugal.

And why might a business consider investing in Portugal? A few key attractions are:

  • Highly skilled and hard-working labour force, with relatively low minimum wages (€565.83 per month)
  • Excellent maritime links and port facilities
  • Low cost of living and great quality of life for incoming employees
  • Excellent internal infrastructure and international connections by air
  • Well developed trade links with Portuguese speaking countries as well as the EU
  • Successful industries such as agrifood, automotive, building materials, ceramics, footwear, furniture, moulds, paper and textiles
  • Some very attractive grants and fiscal benefits for companies investing in Portugal, particularly in less developed areas of the country

Infeira has recently welcomed on board Charles Cutler, an ex-pat Brit who has lived and worked in Portugal for 15 years, with a wealth of experience in export markets. So if your business is interested in investing in Portugal, please get in touch with us at Infeira for an introductory meeting and hopefully a fantastic Portuguese lunch…

Inward Investment in Portugal.

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