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Business in Santa Maria da Feira

10 reasons to locate your business in Santa Maria da Feira, northern Portugal.


Santa Maria da Feira is located at the centre of Portugal’s new light industry heartland between Porto and Aveiro. So what does our region have to offer companies considering locating production facilities here?

  1. Skilled workforce – 50% of employment is already in the manufacturing sector.
  2. Connections – 45 minutes from Porto airport and Leixões container port and fantastic motorway connections.
  3. Research – two excellent universities nearby (Aveiro and Porto) with a strong engineering and science focus.
  4. Government support – a local council led by a pro-active, pro-business President, who is very keen to attract overseas businesses to Santa Maria da Feira.
  5. EU grant funding – companies locating in Santa Maria da Feira have access to a range of EU cohesion funds, as well as significant funding associated with job creation.
  6. Supply chain – unlike some less developed areas of Portugal, Santa Maria da Feira hosts a broad range of suppliers able to support a manufacturer’s supply chain.
  7. Low labour costs – skilled and semi-skilled labour is available at some of the lowest costs in Portugal.
  8. Climate – a Goldilocks climate, that is neither too hot to do a decent days work or too wet and cold to halt production or make your staff miserable (!).
  9. Quality of life for overseas staff relocating – costs of living are very low compared to more developed parts of Europe and Portugal’s big cities and quality of life is also very attractive, in terms of low crime, gastronomy, international schools and so on.
  10. Low-cost land – there are several new purpose built industrial estates in Santa Maria da Feira, with special prices for businesses that will contribute to the local economy.

Here at INFEIRA we can help your business to find the perfect location, negotiate local and EU incentives, deal with administrative and legal issues, hire you the right team and be your partner in Portugal for the long term. Please contact us for more information and a no-commitment meeting to see what we have to offer.

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