Inward Investment Consultancy in Portugal

A growing number of foreign companies are investing in production facilities in Portugal, either in partnership with Portuguese companies or independently. Infeira can offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for foreign direct investment to make the process run smoothly and to help maximize returns as well as helping with sourcing from Portuguese manufacturers. Services include:

• Legal assistance to register a business
• Handling of grant applications
• Accountancy services
• Introductions to potential business partners
• Advice on where to locate a business
• Purchasing property
• Introductions to relevant public officials and decision makers
• Sourcing goods from reliable Portuguese firms in a range of sectors and overseeing production and delivery of orders

With over 20 years of experience in business consulting, Infeira is able to offer a comprehensive package to businesses looking to invest in Portugal or to source their production there. Potential clients are welcome to a free initial consultation in our Mozelos office, just south of Porto.